Why do this, there are other sites like this

We have decided to do this because after trying to book holidays and days out we found it hard to locate either a property or attractions that allowed us to charge. We did cross reference the other charging apps but we want to do this another way by linking the charging to services that you can use such as hotels, cinemas or attractions. We even approached major hoteliers and engines and they just did not seem interested so we decided to do the hard work instead 

Are you going to have an app

Yes we are, we have the majority of the code but due to the way the app store work we need to raise some funds to pay for these fees. You can do this by support the Patreon or using some of our referral links in the how to help us FAQ

How to help us

You can help us by support our Patreon or even using one of the following referral links. 



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Do you only support EVs and not plug in hybrids

As a group of founders we feel there is a bad stigma with this! Of course we would prefer we all have a full electric vehicle but we also know that comes at a cost and also confidence. We hope we can grow that confidence in range and diminish range anxiety by showing the plethora services and places you can charge at. 

Some of us started with plug in hybrids and if you can use these at holiday lets on slow charging thats great you are doing your little bit to help! In fact some us found we could do over 90% of our driving including commuting by taking advantage of slow charging in some places

All we do ask is that where possible try and be courteous if you are using a fast charger with a PHEV and if someone with an all EV turns up try and just let them squeeze in some electrons or leave details on one of the handy SPARK+VOLT  card (also check our their merch) so they can get hold of you or use services like ChargeBump

The Map has stopped working!

Oh no! We are sorry, we hope its not a bug but until we can get funding we only get so many requests to use the map but again please try and help us by looking at the how to help us section

I have found a bug

Please drop us a direct message in the application or via social media with the best description you can of how you did it and any screenshots! 

I have found something I do not like or my business

We are sorry this has happened. Please do reach out to us as we will try and resolve this, if its your business then do sign up for an account and claim it as you can then respond accordingly